Staying Healthy, Naturally!

  • Posted on: 13/08/2014
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The Gift of Health……

Four E-books for the price of one; one for yourself, three for gifts to your friends.

Staying Healthy Naturally by Linda Bostock


I have spent the last 30 years helping people in my Clinic of Herbal Medicine to both recover from chronic illnesses and also to then maintain their own health by teaching them how to look after themselves for optimum health.

 The e-book contains 290 pages packed with helpful advice on how to maintain optimum health, all based on my extensive clinical experience.

Price: £9.99

  • Includes: 1 immediate ebook download for purchaser

  • 3 Gift Certificates with unique codes, to send to your friends for further three ebook downloads

Pages: 290 (aprox., depending on reader)

Word count: 55,953

Videos: 23

”I have always said to my patients, that I can only help them to help themselves. The most important part of healing and maintaining well-being is what we do for ourselves. How we look after this rather fragile vessel we call the body and this book tells you how”

Quote by Linda Bostock, Medical Herbalist