Staying Healthy Naturally, Xmas Offer

The Gift of Health!

– buy one book for yourself and send another three to friends

– all for £9.99 

What to do for 3 healthy gifts……..

1) Fantastic value: four e-books for the price of one; contains 195 pages and 22 videos.

2) Three ebook gift certificates sent conveniently and safely to the friends of your choice by you.

3) The ebooks are downloaded by your friends from a separate website so they do not know your purchase price. To view gift download site CLICK HERE

4) Virus safe – All done on-line with no human touch.

5) Contains 195 pages packed with helpful advice on how to maintain optimum health, all based on Linda’s extensive clinical experience over 30 years of practice.

5) CLICK HERE to read excerpts

…… 3 easy steps:

  1. Purchase just one e-copy of ‘Staying Healthy, Naturally’ and immediately download your own ebook: CLICK HERE to download in the Book Store.

  2. You will then receive 3 gift certificates by email each giving your recipient a full £9.99 discount.  Each will have a unique code (e.g. SHWLB185) allowing a NO CHARGE download of the ebook. 

  3. You can then Email the gift certificates to each of 3 friends who can use their unique code to download their copies at NO CHARGE. In this way, we do not receive your friends emails from you and they receive a gift valued at £9.99. The Gift certificates contain full instructions.