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Hi! I’m Linda Bostock, welcome to my online book store.

On this site you will find several health ebooks which I have written. They contain a wealth of advice on how to stay healthy in this modern world by using mainly natural methods.

They are based on my many years of clinical experience. Each book is an ebook so that you can make a purchase and immediately download it from anywhere in the world.

I hope you find them enjoyable, helpful and that they allow you to maintain excellent health for you and your family.

2020 Virus Information:

In 2015 I wrote a book called ‘How to Survive A Zombie Apocalypse Virus’ It describes the impact of a viral pandemic, the collapse of health services and how you can help yourselves to cope with this. And, as importantly, how to be prepared for future pandemics as is now being predicted. 

I have updated the book in the context of the current Covid-19 pandemic, entitled it ‘How To Survive Viruses’ and made it available as an ebook for immediate download from this site.

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A complete guide to surviving viruses

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