How To Survive the Zombie Apocalypse Virus

  • Posted on: 27/03/2020
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How To Survive the Zombie Apocalypse Virus, The Health Survival Handbook description:

First published in 2015, the book title describes vividly what the book is about. In today’s world, for many of us, health can be a never ending battle at the best of times, never mind a zombie virus pandemic. Whilst we can get to the Doctors now, without too much bother, what would happen if this resource disappeared as could be the case in the event of a virus pandemic, spread by zombies or anything else for that matter. How would we manage? The simple fact is that for most of us, we would have a major problem. We are now so reliant on pills, medicines and health services generally that we are
ignorant of how our bodies work and how we can live a healthy life. It’s the price we pay for specialisation in our advanced society.

However, even surrounded by today’s pollution, we can both build up our immune systems and help deal with illnesses if we know how.

OK, you might think ‘what are the chances of contracting a zombie virus?’ and you’d be right in thinking that it probably won’t happen (phew) but the point of the book title and the narrative is that firstly, if you are healthy and fit enough to deal with a zombie virus attack, then you are likely to live a longer, happier and more successful life regardless of it happening or not. But if anything happened that caused our fragile infrastructure to disappear then you would enter that period fitter, more able to cope and have the critical information necessary to survive all basic day to day health challenges.

That critical information is contained within a wealth of knowledge within this book.

In easy to follow writing, Linda Bostock, describes how our bodies work, what can go wrong and how to help prevent problems; prevention is considerably better than cure.

Linda is a highly qualified and experienced consultant medical herbalist and nutritionist and wrote the book after experiencing in her clinics, how little the average person knows about the human body and its care and how the modern diet is causing havoc with our and our children’s health. We really can do a huge amount if we just know what to do and this health survival handbook provides a complete blue-print for healthy living before and after the zombie apocalypse virus.

Some of it may be hard work but the prize of being in control of your health is hugely worth it!