Menopause – No Sweat!

  • Posted on: 11/08/2014
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Menopause – No Sweat! by Linda Bostock

I’m Linda Bostock, welcome to my E-book on managing the natural process of Menopause. I am a Medical Herbalist and Natural Health Practitioner with over twenty years of clinical experience.

I have helped numerous women with this perfectly natural process through-out this time and I am still amazed that the medical profession all too often treat it as an illness requiring modern drugs to enable the ‘patient to get better’.

This little e-book, summarises the reasons why your body reacts in the way it does at this stage of your life and how the sometimes highly debilitating symptoms can be managed through perfectly natural methods.

If after reading the book, you have any questions or comments, then please email me at and please visit my site,

I do hope that you find this e-book informative. Always remember you don’t need to wait to get ill to take control of your health. You can be pro-active about your health and by understanding how your body works you can learn how to achieve optimum health for yourself.

Price: £1.99

Pages: 22

Word count: 4,225

Format: PDF

”For too long women have been told that the menopause is a medical condition. Well, it is not. It’s a normal life process that we all go through”